Yoga Pants…the ‘LBD’ of Yoga?

Yoga isn’t complete without a good pair of fitted yoga pants and they are now known as the Little Black Dress of the wellness world. Yoga pants are practical, versatile and can be worn at any given point of time, not only for yoga. The comfort quotient of a yoga pant is high and they have indeed become a fashion staple that dominates every workout wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at how many functions a pair of yoga pants has and then decide whether this item of clothing is a necessity or not! These fitted, ankle length pants can be used as the obvious ‘yoga pants’ which help you with the poses you want to achieve; the comfort and stretch aspect in this garment helps you reach boundaries that you never knew existed. Moving on, the same pair of ‘yoga pants’ can transition into a work look when worn with some classy flats, heels or boots; this trend has been taken up by some celebrities in the west and all we have to say to them is Kudos! Not to mention the night time look; where yoga pants fit in beautifully; they are a useful accessory to have when lounging at home or substituting pyjamas.

Not to mention the evolution of these humble pants…details like ankle ruching and stirrups have made them chic and wanted not only by the fitness world but by all! Functional qualities such as sweat-resistance, high performance fabric and odour free pants have given a whole new meaning to simple yoga pants.

Having said all of the above, won’t you agree that ‘Yoga Pants’ are indeed the LBD of the wellness world? These pants are designed not only for yoga but as every-day wear making them your second skin and with their fashion forward detailing; these pants guarantee a stylish and flattering fit making this garment the most wanted and talked about clothing piece.

We have a wealth of options for women’s yoga pants so why don’t you pick up your ‘LBD’ today…

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