The juxtaposition of Fashion and YOGA!

Yves Saint Laurent famously said ‘Dressing is a way of life’ and we could not agree more. Fashion is a way of self expression, a lifestyle choice and so is yoga!

What is yoga to you? Yoga is looked at as a form of exercise and is being widely adopted by many countries as a trend statement, a lifestyle choice or simply a way of exploring oneself. The importance of body, mind and soul is universal and yoga is a link that creates a harmony by aligning the three components into one.

This sweaty practice that brings inner bliss is evolving to something more spiritual and meaningful; a way to see the world through a different lens and as a form of expression. Having said that; what do fashion and yoga have in common?

Urban Yoga - Free Spirited and Full of Life

Would you necessarily think about the kind of outfit you would wear when practising yoga or would it be anything that is comfortable and lets you stretch? As yoga and meditation are synonymous with India and Indian spirituality, the first thing you would visualise when talking about a yogi is a simple man wearing a vest and a dhoti having incredible flexibility and an aura of spirituality. Fashion and yoga have evolved enormously from that vision.

Many people have incorporated fashion in yoga, choosing clothes that personify a person and present an image that are in sync with who they are, whether it be a tank top with high-waisted leggings or a pair of shorts with a simple t-shirt. Fashion is self-expression and so is yoga, through yoga one may choose to express one’s self! It is after all a lifestyle choice just like how fashion is!

Urban Yoga - Free Spirited and full of Life

Yoga is a vehicle to learn about oneself and how one shows up on their yoga mat is how they want to express their self. Similarly, how one moves their body when performing their poses says something about the kind of person you are. There is definitely a correlation between the two; fashion and yoga do have similar aims.

So, putting it simply; we’re not saying that wearing yoga clothes makes you a yogi, however wearing yoga clothes makes you want to take that lifestyle change and incorporate yoga into your life thereby using fashion as a form of identity.

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