Pop Music and Yoga! What do they have in common…?

The most obvious question to the above question or statement is someone’s love for pop music or yoga? And what if the same person loves both? Then the answer is Pop Yoga.

It is the perfect blend of yoga, music, fun, entertainment and exercise. Imagine practicing yoga to the tunes of Gaga or Beyonce; this seems almost sacrilegious considering the origin of yoga. This thought is not entirely absurd as people are finding new ways to incorporate exercise into their daily routine and here is one example. The thought of pop music and yoga can energies a number of people motivating them to jump out of bed, stretch their legs and maybe even try a head stand.

Trainers agree that music can inspire you to work out for longer hours depending on the energy of the music. To lose that extra pound or achieve your ideal weight before an occasion you could turn up the music, play Rihanna or Will Smith and crank out another set of Suryanamaskars.

Yoga has undoubtedly been transformed and tailored to the taste and needs of this generation and continues to benefit us in many ways. Yoga is not only a form of exercise and a way to keep the body and mind together but also a means to release stress release and now an entertaining and fun way to exercise.

We believe that music is a motivator; many a research has showed that music can help a person push him/herself and when this is directed right it can help achieve the task or aim ahead.

This form of yoga will definitely help kick start your day, whether it be practicing postures to ‘Fireworks’ by Katy Perry or even meditating to Madonna’s ‘Frozen’!

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