5 Postures for the Urban Yogi!

It’s common knowledge that any exercise helps improve life, the same undoubtedly applies for yoga as well. Every asana, posture, positon concentrates on one target zone either the mind or the body and channelizes our energy to that specific area. Here are a list of five popular postures and their benefits. It’s said that once you start yoga, you’re more or less addicted to the feeling like the adrenalin rush that comes with running.
Most of us lead a hectic life where we may spend hours sitting at a desk and working on our computers which results in shoulder, back and hand pain apart from other forms of stress. Gomukhasana or the cow face pose is fairly easy but help a tonne in relieving chronic shoulder pain and also increases the range of motions in the shoulder joints. It also helps stretch hips, thighs, ankles and chest, shoulders, anterior deltoids and triceps.
The pose that every yoga student or teacher swears by is the Sun Salutation pose of the Surya Namaskar. This pose is a twelve posture routine that isn’t just great for weight loss but if practiced regularly and mastered it can have more than just physical benefits. It surely strengthens the back, improves muscle flexibility, and stretches abdominal muscles but apart from that Surya Namaskar helps improve digestion, normalises endocrine gland activity calms anxiety and promotes sleep.
The lotus pose or Padmasan is a sitting posture that requires a great deal of concentration and focus. It clams the mind, restores energy levels, increases awareness and attention. For many of us with bad posture it keeps the spine straight and helps in developing good posture. It stretches the ankles and knees and keeps joints and ligaments flexible.
Child’s Post or Balsana is the most calming and restorative of yoga poses, it is a resting pose practised in the fetal position. From kneeling, bring your chest down onto your thighs and your forehead to the floor. Your arms lengthen by your side with your hands next to your feet or above your head whichever is more comfortable. The pose gently stretches your lower back, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles; relaxes you spine, shoulders, and neck; increases blood circulation to your head.
The final and ultimate relaxation pose is Shavasana or the corpse pose. This pose is generally practised after the yoga session. As the name suggest it involves lying down and staying completely still not just physically but mentally as well. It stimulates blood circulation and improves concentration. After a good stressful workout this posture helps in rejuvenating and leaves on feeling refreshed.
As a daily practice, yoga can do wonders to improve our health and in general keep us active and energised. As an alternative to the gym or together with other forms of exercise like running, yoga keeps all the muscles in the body toned and flexible. Not to forget this lovely sweat induced practise helps in complete and total relaxation of the mind body and soul.
Having said that, how about some yoga now?

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